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FPS Kit | Version 2.0

FPS Kit | Version 2.0
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"FPS Kit for Unity 3D (v2.0)"

FPS Kit 2.0 is a new tool for creating functional First Person Shooter inside Unity – Now With Multiplayer Support

Here is a list of features included in this package (All of next features are working in Unity Free):

  • Multiplayer powered by Photon Cloud – New
  • Weapon System that allow to create numerous types of weapons, such as Shot Gun, Machine Gun, SIngle Fire Rifles, Pistols, Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launcher, Grenades and Knives;
  • Weapon Recoil System;
  • Smooth weapon rotation effect;
  • Smooth weapon movement responce effect;
  • Sniper scope feature (Call of Duty style);
  • FPS Controller with ability to Run, Jump, Crouch, Prone and Climb Ladders;
  • Weapon Pick Up system (With 2 types of pick – Add to player weapon list or Replace current weapon with picked), also with ammo pick up feature;
  • Realistic Camera Bob and Weapon Sway effects;
  • Step sound controller
  • Flash light controller
  • GUI Example (Main Menu, Ammo Count, Weapon List and alot more)
  • 9 Example Weapons and 4 Example Scenes included
  • Dynamic crosshair
  • Smooth Slow Motion effect

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